AlDub Fever symptoms: 5 signs you’re an AlDub addict


The rise of AlDub has changed many people's lives. AlDub fans tune in religiously to Eat…

The rise of AlDub has changed many people’s lives.

AlDub fans tune in religiously to Eat Bulaga every day just to see Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) and Alden Richards.

If AlDub fans could fast forward the time to Kalyeserye, they probably would.

AlDub Fever, according to some AlDub fans, is a good kind of addiction.

alden richards aldub yaya dub maine mendoza kilig eat bulaga aldub fever addiction
AlDub Fever: Alden Ricahrds, Maine Mendoza

It’s fun to read comments of AlDub fans on the Web. They’re obsessive and ever faithful to the AlDub love team.

Not sure if you have the AlDub Fever? Check out the symptoms we gathered from the AlDub fans.

AlDub Fever symptoms

  • When your mom asks you when you’re going to do the dishes, you answer, “sa tamang panahon.”
  • When you’re in a conversation, you ask, “asawa ni?”
  • When it’s late and you’re still up because you keep on replaying AlDub’s kilig moments.
  • You always do the “pabebe wave.”
  • You smile and think of AlDub when you hear the song, “God Gave Me You.”

Most people can relate to Yaya Dub and Alden Richards’ love story.

Those who have AlDub Fever are so proud to have acquired it.

AlDub fans say, Kalyeserye is so inspiring. It brought Eat Bulaga’s ratings to the highest level and there are valuable lessons to learn from it, too.

So, all in all, AlDub Fever is a win-win illness.

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