AlDub reunion: Will Yaya Dub & Alden be present on their 6th weeksary?


AlDub reunion: AlDub fans are excited with the 6th weeksary of the AlDub love team. But,…

AlDub fans worldwide are all excited with the 6th weeksary celebration of the AlDub love team today, August 27th.

Yaya Dub & Alden on their 6th weeksary

The lingering question in everyone’s mind is, will Alden Richards and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) be present for the celebration?

Yesterday, the fans missed the AlDub “pakilig moments“ since Alden only managed to fan sign from the airport and from the pili stores in Bicol.

Yaya Dub wasn’t present in Kalyeserye, too.

Only a dubsmash compilation of Lola Nidora’s quotes was aired on the segment.

AlDub fans knew beforehand that Yaya Dub would be absent on August 26th because of her severe menstrual cramps.

AlDub fans are saying they’re already suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

They miss their daily dose of AlDub.

Will the accidental AlDub love team be back on split screen tomorrow?

There seems to be hope!

AlDub: Alden back on Eat Bulaga?

Alden Richards’ father (Richard P Faulkerson @r_faulkerson) tweeted the hashtag, #ALDUBAngLihimNiLola, with a picture of Alden Richards holding a fan sign.

It says he’ll be back on Eat Bulaga today.

aldub yaya dub maine mendoza alden love team relation back on eat bulaga weeksary meeting for real
AlDub: “Wag nang malungkot. Nasa Eat Bulaga naman bukas si Alden.“

AlDub fans are hoping the picture and the fan sign message is genuine.

Will Yaya Dub be present on AlDub 6th weeksary?

What about Yaya Dub? Will AlDub fans see her tomorrow?

AlDub fans are hoping Yaya Dub and Alden will be back on Eat Bulaga.

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