AlDub vs MaiDen: Maine Mendoza & Alden Richards falling for each other?

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AlDub fans were pleasantly surprised on today's Eat Bulaga Kalyeserye when Alden…

AlDub fans were pleasantly surprised on today’s Eat Bulaga Kalyeserye when Alden Richards, slowly revealed what he wrote for Yaya Dub on a white board.

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Yaya Dub super kilig with Alden Richards message

The message was “Alden (Heart) Maine”.

And there, in just three simple words, Twitterdom was on fire with speculations that things are getting real for the Philippines’ hottest love team.

Maine Mendoza is Yaya Dub’s real name and it’s the first time that Alden Richards used Maine Mendoza in his written messages to Yaya Dub.

Not only that, their written messages throughout the show appeared more personal than before. It’s as if Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza were exchanging one kilig message after another.

AlDub fans in the studio couldn’t help but scream and AlDub fans were getting ecstatic online.

Allan K even commented, “True to life ‘yong kilig mo Yaya Dub, ha! True to life ‘yan, Yaya Dub! Kitang-kita ko!”

And Maine Mendoza’s eyes lighted up like the first time the AlDub love team started, then once again, she shyly covered her mouth and giggled.

Is it time now for MaiDen?

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