Anne Curtis’ hot, sexy twerking on It’s Showtime

A sizzling hot twerking number by Anne Curtis landed her on Twitter's trending list,…

A sizzling hot twerking number by Anne Curtis landed her on Twitter’s trending list, with hashtag #AnneSexy garnering thousands of mostly positive posts from netizens.

Dressed in an dominantly black costume, Anne Curtis twerked like crazy.

anne curtis twerking like miley on its showtime sexy dance hot twerk
Anne Curtis sexy twerking like Miley

Even if it was Anne Curtis’ first time to do it on national TV, she appeared to have so much fun and energy while she was doing the moves popularized by Miley Cyrus.

Anne Curtis twerks on It’s Showtime!

Anne Curtis shows off her sexy twerk dance moves on It’s Showtime!

The performance of Anne Curtis preceded the launching of It’s Showtime’s newest segment, Twerking Girls.

A lot of twerking performances by Filipino celebrities have gone viral like those of Maja Salvador, Ella Cruz, and Iza Calzado.

Anne Curtis’ version of twerking would be a welcome addition to the growing list of celebrities whose twerking videos got millions of views.

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