Anne Curtis super handsome as ‘Badong’ on ‘Malala na Kaya’


In a skit titled Malala Na Kaya on It's Showtime, Anne Curtis played the role of Badong,…

In a skit titled Malala Na Kaya on It’s Showtime, Anne Curtis played the role of Badong, a husband who is frustrated with his wife’s cooking.

Coming onstage wearing a white polo and red pants, Anne Curtis looked dashing even with a ridiculously long mustache. She looks like a cross betweeen Gabby Concepcion and Piolo Pascual.

anne curtis handsome than gabby concepcion and piolo pascual male comedy on its showtime with mustache
Handsome Anne Curtis

Playing a dual role as Badong and Yaya, Anne Curtis was partnered with Gibis, who also took on dual roles as the wife and Junior.

Even in such a short seven (7) minute skit, Anne Curtis was able to showcase her acting skills, shifting from comedy to drama as Yaya and Badong.

Compare Anne Curtis’ Badong with other Filipino actors famous for their looks. Who’s gonna be your pick?

Video: Gibis at Anne Curtis itinodo ang acting sa makapagdamdaming episode ng MMK sa It’s Showtime. Watch clip on

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