Kris Aquino responds to LTFRB Premium Taxi controversy: ‘Get your facts straight’


Kris Aquino strongly denied that she is in any way connected to the controversial Premium…

Kris Aquino strongly denied that she is in any way connected to the controversial Premium Taxi service which the LTFRB (Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board) recently announced during a clampdown on unregistered Uber and GrabCar vehicles.

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Kris Aquino

Netizens have voiced out their suspicions that some powerful individuals are behind the launching of Premium Taxi, and Kris Aquino’s name have been floated by some.

Kris Aquino took to Instagram to explain her side on the issue. She said that she is an angel investor in LBR Taxi, together with Lucky Manzano, but she does not own any taxi company that will operate Premium taxis.

She also denied that she bought 200 vehicles from Toyota solely for Premium Taxi services.

Here’s Kris Aquino’s lengthy response about the Premium Taxi issue:

“It has reached my attention that I am being dragged into the LTFRB-Premium Taxi-UBER-GrabCar issue. In particular, I am being accused of #SelfishMotives and #UnfairCompetition.

Here are the facts:

1. I have not bought nor own 200 vehicles earmarked for Premium Taxi units from Toyota.

2. I do not own any taxi company that will operate Premium Taxis. I do have a long term financial investment as an angel investor with @luckymanzano’s [Lucky Manzano] LBR transport incorporated but I have no direct participation in LBR’s management and operations.

LBR didn’t invest in Premium Taxis. (Dahil hahaba pa if I don’t define angel investor, the term refers to a private, affluent individual who provides capital for a business start-up or expansion, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity.

In our case, the amortization I am receiving from LBR has been going straight to the trust fund of Josh and Bimb.) I invested with LBR because I have faith in their vision, management, and their growth done the right way—by having franchises acquired the proper way without using Luis’ [Luis Manzano] mom, Governor Vi [Vilma Santos], his stepfather, Senator Ralph Recto, or me.

3. Get your facts straight before spreading malicious lies about me.

4. I’ve earned my money and continue to earn good money through hard work, commitment, and passionate dedication. Why would I jeopardize our family’s good name and reputation when I already earn millions the honest way? #truth

— Kris Aquino @withlovekrisaquino Aug 14, 2015”

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