Maine Mendoza fainted during Frankie and Yaya Dub wedding


The most anticipated wedding of the year of Frankie Arinolli (Jose Manalo) and Yaya Dub…

The most anticipated wedding of the year of Frankie Arinolli (Jose Manalo) and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) got postponed because Maine Mendoza fainted at the altar.

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At first, it looked like it was scripted, but when you see the floor director suddenly appearing on screen, worried, and yelling–you’d be like… “wait a minute, something serious is going on.”

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The moment you’d know it wasn’t a joke

Maine Mendoza was placed on a stretcher and rushed to the Cardinal Santos Medical Center in San Juan City, Metro Manila. According to Maine Mendoza herself, she fainted because of fatigue; also, she forgot to take her meds. Celeb life isn’t really that easy.

Alden Richards was on his way to the “wedding” location (a covered court converted to a wedding hall) when the incident happened. It was supposed to be the very first day that Yaya Dub and Alden would see each other in person. But the odds said, “Hey, lovebirds…let’s do this some other time, shall we?”

Though her fainting wasn’t scripted, you have to admit it was the best possible reason why Frankie and Yaya Dub’s wedding had to be postponed.

Frankie Amoy Arinolli

Anyway, on Twitter, Maine Mendoza tweeted her fans an update about her condition. She sent a picture of an energetic Maine Mendoza in a fighting stance, taken while still in the hospital. It’s a funny pic–you won’t even believe that just hours ago, she fainted on national TV.

Maine Mendoza’s message to her fans:

“Alive and kicking! As I have posted earlier, I’m feeling under the weather since this morning. We’re too busy preparing for the segment that I forgot to take my meds. That’s probably the reason why I passed out during our cue. None of it was scripted. I was immediately rushed to the hospital so I can have myself checked. But nothing to worry, they said it’s all because of over fatigue. Super appreciate all the love and concern from everyone! Rampa na ulit si Yaya Dub!

Good news: Hindi natuloy ang kasal
Bad news: Hindi pa din kami pinagtagpo ng tadhana 🙁

Maine Mendoza @mainedcm at 4:59 PM – 8 Aug 2015

AlDub fans are relieved now that Maine Mendoza is doing fine. She obviously cares for her fans so much that she takes time to update them on how she’s doing so they won’t worry about her.

Meanwhile, on Eat Bulaga’s Facebook page, people are all praises for Wally Bayola (Lola Nidora), Jose Manalo and Alden Richards’ professionalism. They give kudos to the three for handling the unexpected situation so well.

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