Rufa Mae Quinto plastic surgery gone bad! Suffered from blood clots, hematoma

Rufa Mae Quinto posted a disturbing picture of her body covered with excessive hematoma or...

October 10, 2018 by Jessie Mendoza

Rufa Mae Quinto posted a disturbing picture of her body covered with excessive hematoma or blood clots on her Instagram account.

rufa mae quinto hematoma blood clots plastic surgery bad crying hurt breast implant accident doctor viral
Rufa Mae Quinto crying–hematoma, blood clots

She hinted that the blood clots endangered her life.

Rufa Mae Quinto thanked God and also her doctors for saving her life.

rufa mae quinto plastic surgery bad bruises breast implant hematoma blood clots
Rufa Mae Quinto hematoma

“…I‘m sharing this so I could be of help to people suffering and in pain. I will teach or at least inspire and give support, advice, strength … get ready physiologically, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I‘m sharing this because I‘m done being scared. So if you need super B, call me, baby! — Rufa Mae Quinto @rufamaequinto Aug 28, 2015”

She also shared a short video wherein she was crying and obviously in pain.

“Booba cries. Kakayanin natin ‘to, guys! Super B. Kahit masikip sa dibdib. — Rufa Mae Quinto @rufamaequinto Aug 28, 2015

Rufa Mae Quinto didn‘t specify the cause of the blood clots.

But some people speculated that it must have been caused by a breast operation or augmentation.

In succeeding posts, she showed a draft letter in her handwriting about being “disappointed and traumatized,” and “not having trust any more in your service.”

There was also the phrase, No CBC, cardio, pre-surgery testing and clearance.

It was a plastic surgery gone bad, based on a letter she posted, telling her followers
that she learned how important it is to choose doctors based on their training and experience.

A lot of her followers said they’ll pray for her speedy recovery.

Rufa Mae Quinto singing “Listen” by Beyonce

Rufa Mae Quinto seemed better now as she had posted pictures of health foods and video clips of her singing “Listen” by Beyonce.

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