Sexy Solenn Heussaff twerking: fans go wild & crazy!

VIDEO: Have you seen Solenn Heussaff's hot & wild twerk? She twerked in a live concert,…

Have you seen Solenn Heussaff twerk?

Well, she twerked only for about 7 seconds in a live concert, but it was enough to elicit screams of approval from the crowd.

Solenn Heussaff hot sexy twerking dance concert butt crazy and wild fans screaming video
Solenn Heussaff twerking

Solenn Heussaff posted the short clip on her Instagram account.

The twerk video has already gained more than 15,000 likes from her 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

According to Solenn Heussaff, she started to twerk but felt shy in the end.

She only wanted to see how it felt like joining the twerk dance craze.

Watch Solenn Heussaff twerking

Check out Solenn Heussaff twerking here on her Instagram:

“So yes I joined the twerk craze for a few seconds tapos nahiya lol. Eveyone’s doing it gusto ko lang ma feel. Hahaha! #SosCantTwerk — Solenn Heussaff @solennheussaff Aug 24, 2015”

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