Did Yaya Dub and Alden finally meet? Oh, well!


I repeat, this post contains spoilers from Yaya Dub's earlier performance on Eat Bulaga….

AlDub fans went crazy with excitement over Yaya Dub’s (Maine Mendoza) performance on Dabarkads Pa More! Everyone was hoping this might be the day she and Alden will finally meet.

yaya dub maine mendoza performance cinderella
Prinsesa Yaya Dub on Kaharian ng Fatalbugan

But like in every fairy tale, there’s a villain–Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola) went to the Eat Bulaga studio riding a motorcycle. Wow!

Lola Nidora challenged Alden to prove his love for Yaya Dub. When he completes the challenge, Lola Nidora won’t stop the two from seeing each other anymore.

Lola Nidora kept telling people that you only get things you want with hard work–“life is not like instant noodles.” According to her, do not rush things daw, and “may tamang panahon” for everything.

So, what’s the challenge? Alden had to fill up a big tank with water. One bucket at a time!

While Yaya Dub was performing, Alden was dripping wet–working his heart out, trying to finish the task as quick as possible.

Yaya Dub did a Cinderella-themed performance mixed with dubsmashing and dancing. She looked dashing and sophisticated in a gown!

yaya dub maine mendoza prinsesa cinderella
Prinsesa Yaya Dub on Kaharian ng Fatalbugan

Her performance was titled “Kaharian ng Fatalbugan.” She’s the Prinsesa Yaya Dub who doesn’t gain weight no matter what she eats.

Also, there was a witch (Wally Bayola) who cursed her that on her 20th birthday, before midnight, she has to leave the “palace”, or else she’ll turn into a “pumpkin.”

While she was dancing, the witch interrupted her birthday party–reminding her about the curse. And so Yaya Dub was forced to leave the “palace” even if it’s against her will.

As expected, since it was a Cinderella-themed performance, Yaya Dub left one of her shoes while running.

alden richards god gave me you yaya dub
Alden Richards, Dabarkads Pa More

Yaya Dub just left the “palace” when Alden got there. Seeing Alden stalling on the stage was already a hint that they weren’t gonna meet yet.

Yaya Dub never stopped running outside of the Eat Bulaga studio while Alden ran like a desperate man, trying to catch her.

But sadly, she already left on a jeep, hanging like a barker. That was epic!

yaya dub maine mendoza sabit sa jeep eat bulaga aldub
Yaya Dun, sabit sa jeep…WOW!

With “God gave me you” playing in the background, the scenes had more emotional impact.

The audience went from screaming wild to deadly serious. For a little while, the Eat Bulaga studio was filled with silence; some couldn’t even help but get misty-eyed, some probably cried.

Still, fans were hoping that the star-crossed lovers would meet in the last few minutes of the show.

The Aldub phenomenon was at its peak today. You can see how people are so affected. Obviously, many can relate to everything that’s happening to AlDub.

Even Eat Bulaga hosts were affected, just like what Joey de Leon said…they don’t know what story AlDub will present. They don’t want to know so when they see it, their reactions will be honest and real.

eat bulaga hosts crying yaya dub alden aldub dabarkads pa more
Eat Bulaga Hosts affected by AlDub drama

Though it was a little disappointing, it just wasn’t the right time for them to meet yet. Well, better luck next time. #AlDubHopiaThisTime

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