Will Yaya Dub and Alden meet on Eat Bulaga tomorrow? Abangan!


Alden was supposed to meet Yaya Dub face-to-face on her wedding with Frankie. But,…

UPDATE Yaya Dub to perform AGAIN on Bulaga Pa More! Read more: Yaya Dub on “Bulaga Pa More“ again—will AlDub finally meet?

Alden was supposed to meet Yaya Dub face-to-face on her wedding with Frankie. But, unfortunately, it was postponed due to Maine Medoza’s (Yaya Dub) fainting. Although, the incident wasn’t scripted, it was like a total cliffhanger to all the AlDub fans.

It was completely fine with fans, though. The unforgettable scene of Maine Mendoza passing out just made them care more about her.

Tomorrow would be the first time that Yaya Dub will be seen on the Eat Bulaga studio. This is a must-see event for all AlDub fans. Yaya Dub may be a new addition to Eat Bulaga, but she’ll perform at Eat Bulaga’s Bulaga Pa More, Dabarkads Pa More!

yaya dub maine mendoza finally meet aldub alden richards eat bulaga trending
Image Credit: Priceless reaction of Yaya Dub to a probable meeting Alden Richards tomorrow

An intro clip of her performance tomorrow was shown on Eat Bulaga, where she was supposed to explain what segment of Eat Bulaga she’ll remake. But, she had been dubsmashing all the way throughout the clip.

Could it be that her presentation will solely focus on dubsmashing? Anyway, it’s what made her famous, so why change the recipe?

Some fans are still hoping that she’ll at least speak on Eat Bulaga tomorrow. We’ll see about that.

And finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for might just happen–Yaya Dub meeting Alden for the first time. This is history in the making, folks!

Maine Mendoza attended the mass for Eat Bulaga on August 6th. Well, they didn’t see each other so she posted this photo:

yaya dub maine mendoza looking for alden richards aldub eat bulaga broadway roses
Image Credit: Yaya Dub, bed of roses

Tomorrow just might be the day that the ultimate love team will finally meet each other. What will happen? How will they meet? What will their reactions be? Will Alden surprise Yaya Dub during her performance, or “after?” Will they kiss each other for real?

This, for sure, will rock the whole Eat Bulaga studio and the AlDubNation. #KiligPaMore #ALDUBGameOfDestiny

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