Yaya Dub got a kilig message from Alden: ‘Maine-namahal kita’


The AlDub fans are getting wild over Alden Richards' straightforward message to Yaya Dub…

The AlDub fans are getting wild over Alden Richards‘ straightforward message to Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza).

It said, “Maine – Mahal Kita”, which he quickly edited to “MaineNaMahal Kita.”

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Alden Richards revealed to Yaya Dub: Maine-namahal kita!

AlDub fans took this as a sign that Alden Richards’ real feelings for Maine Mendoza, are slowly being revealed through his messages.

For the past few days, Alden Richards has been using “Maine” instead of “Yaya Dub”, in his fan signs.

But it’s obvious this isn’t a one-sided affair, since Yaya Dub is equally writing messages that are sweet and as they say, “kilig to the bones.”

The messages between Alden Richards and Yaya Dub are getting more personal, folks!

No wonder, more and more AlDub fans can hardly breathe and some are losing sleep because of excitement.

AlDub Fever is now an epidemic and AlDub fans are shouting for Oxygen!

Yep, AlDub-is-for-REAL!

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