AlDub 2nd Meeting? Same room together? Both blindfolded?


AlDub fans are expecting that Yaya Dub & Alden Richards will meet each other again.

On Sept. 11th, Kalyeserye episode showed a messy-looking Lola Nidora who was desperately crying while “walling”.

She’s so worried that Yaya Dub’s location is still unknown while Alden Richards is also being held captive by kidnappers.

Yaya Dub then appears onscreen, wandering in a field near a lake full of water lilies.

Meanwhile, Alden is in a room closely guarded by kidnappers.

aldub pasabog second meeting kidnap yaya dub alden save talk pagkikita van
Yaya Dub kidnapped again!

Investigators have arrived on the scene, showing Lola Nidora and Tinidora, pictures of possible suspects in Yaya’s kidnapping case.

But the highlight of the episode was when Yaya Dub was taken by the same men who abducted her last Sept. 5th.

Kalyeserye ended with Yaya Dub inside the van, helpless against the well-muscled kidnappers surrounding her.

As usual, AlDub fans are left guessing as to what will happen today, Sept. 12th, in Kalyeserye.

A lot of them are expecting that Yaya Dub and Alden Richards will meet each other again because they have the same set of kidnappers.

Will they be placed in the same room together?

Will they be both blindfolded?

Well, let’s just watch and let the story unfold right before our eyes.

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