AlDub 2nd meeting: Yaya Dub & Alden, kinilig for real


AlDub second meeting is as memorable as the first one. Yaya Dub & Alden looked and smiled…

The second meeting of the AlDub love team is as memorable as the first one.

Just about a meter apart, Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) and Alden Richards looked and smiled at each other. They even made pabebe waves even when their hands tied with rope.

The moment that Duhrizz (Wally Bayola) took off Alden Richards’ blindfold, Alden broke into a boyish smile when he saw Yaya Dub in the other van.

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Yaya Dub & Alden

He temporarily hid his emotions by pressing his mouth on the backrest of his seat.

Meanwhile, Yaya Dub cannot help but show her feelings again.

She tried to fix her hair and then was beaming with her smile.

It’s undeniable that she got overjoyed and her eyes were sparkling as she was looking at Alden through the van’s window.

Her shoulders twitched a bit, indicating that she was giggling deep inside.

AlDub fans commented that the AlDub love team were the happiest kidnap victims they have ever seen.

Later in the scene, when Yaya Dub and Alden were standing so close to each other, blindfolded; sparks were flying in the air.

Everyone in the AlDub nation was electrified with this whole kidnap victims’ eyeball (meeting) episode.

Even Maine Mendoza’s real-life sister, Niki, was affected. She tweeted, Omaygaasss! Pambihira! Kinikilig ako hanggang kaluluwa!

After the show, Maine Mendoza tweeted, What just happened? #ALDUBTheAbduction

Alden Richards tweeted, Ando’n na eh, kaunti na lang eh! Tsk.

After Eat Bulaga, Joey de Leon revealed on the finale of Startalk, what Alden Richards said to him after Kalyeserye.

Joey said that when he was about to go to Startalk, Alden hugged him and said, Parang iba na ‘yong nararamdaman ko!

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