AlDub behind the scenes: McDo TV commercial


Wondering how the AlDub Mcdo TV commercial was made? Here are some behind the scenes videos…

The first TV commercial of AlDub for McDonald’s has been the hottest topic since its launch on Sept. 11th.

aldub yaya dub alden first mcdonalds tvc commercial chicken fillet ala king shooting behind the camera scenes
Yaya Dub & Alden McDo TVC behind the scenes

AlDub fans are still watching, replaying, and looping the TVC on their devices.

Many of them have also posted on social media, pictures of the Chicken Fillet ala King they ordered from McDonald’s.

Just how was this very popular AlDub commercial made?

To give you an idea, here are some behind the scenes videos and photos from several social media sites.

AlDub Exclusive: Behind the camera McDonald’s TVC

Sorry, the videos are not available anymore.

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