AlDub’s McDo commercial: Increase in McDonald’s sales?


McDonald’s AlDub TV commercial hasn’t been launched yet, but the response has obviously…

The McDonald’s AlDub TVC (TV commercial) hasn’t been launched yet, but the response has obviously been very positive for McDonald’s Philippines.

Yesterday, Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub) tweeted a picture of her eating McDonald’s newest product.

Her message read, McDo’s chicken fillet ala king is heart Aldub eeeeet!

yaya dub maine mendoza mcdonalds tvc tv commercial launch effect chicken fillet ala king ice cream
Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) McDo TVC, Chicken Fillet ala King

Her fans are already buying the product and are posting pictures of it on social media.

Some people have also observed that McDonald’s branches near them are packed with more people than before.

Of course, these are personal observations for now, but increase in actual sales figures will confirm these in the coming months.

The McDo TVC is currently creating a stir on social media, with fans wanting to know firsthand about the storyline of the commercial.

Some fans and media reporters have seen the McDo TVC and they’re saying it’s nicely done.

It’s expected to be launched on September 11th.

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