AlDub’s McDonald’s commercial launch: Ready, set, watch!

AlDub's first-ever McDonald’s TV commercial “might” air on. Many are hoping for...

by Jessie Mendoza

The much-awaited first-ever McDonald’s TV Commercial of the AlDub love team “might” air on Friday, Sept. 11th.

AlDub fans are super excited about it and are curious on how the commercial will go.

McDonald’s Philippines have gained a lot of Twitter followers, after the announcement of the AlDub’s first TVC for McDonald’s.

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AlDub McDonald’s first TV commercial

They’ve featured teasers on their Twitter account starting September 7th.

The suceeding teasers showed pictures of the famous AlDub split screen pakilig gestures, the pinky swear and heart sign.

A lot of the fans are planning to go to McDonald’s branches to celebrate the AlDub love team’s first TV commercial.

Many are hoping there will be AlDub standees and collectibles.

Let’s see if McDonald’s Philippines can cope with the demands of concerned citizens of the AlDub nation.

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