Yaya Dub Best Actress winner in the hearts of AlDub fans

AlDub nation: Maine Mendoza's (Yaya Dub) acting skills for Best Actress. She was crying...

by Jessie Mendoza

As of yesterday, September 8th, Yaya Dub is still being held by unknown kidnappers and Alden continues to pine for her.

Lola Nidora is sick with worry.

Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) was shown writing messages on the wall, desperately asking for help from Lola Nidora and Alden.

She was crying real tears and could not even manage to eat properly.

yaya dub maine mendoza kidnap save alden lola nidora sad
Yaya Dub in the hands of kidnappers

Despite the miserable situation she’s in, AlDub fans have a reason to be proud.

Maine Mendoza’s acting skills have become evident.

The scenes wherein Yaya Dub was acting scared of her captors were convincing.

Her tearful sadness in missing Alden and Lola Nidora were clearly shown in her very expressive eyes.

AlDub fans have been talking about Maine Mendoza’s real, raw talent on social media. They say she’s the Best Actress winner in their hearts.

yaya dub maine mendoza kidnap aldub save acting crying
Maine Mendoza’s acting skills

Also, many of them said they were so moved that they cried with her, too.

They say that Maine Mendoza may not need an acting workshop anymore.

A lot of people have also commented that Eat Bulaga is so lucky to have found a rare gem in Maine Mendoza.

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