Enrique Gil vs JM de Guzman fight: Jessy harassment issue

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JM de Guzman challenged Enrique Gil to martial arts fight, over Jessy Mendiola harassment…

On September 19th, JM de Guzman challenged Enrique Gil to a mixed martial arts fight.


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Jessy Mendiola, Enrique Gil, JM de Guzman

He posted a close-up shot of his eyes, with the following message:

With all due respect to Enrique Gil’s friends, fans, and family. I would like to challenge you to a one-on-one amateur mixed martial arts match any place any time.

I’ll give you time to prepare. Man up. Face me. (reply to my text messages, please.) thanks brother @enriquegil17

JM deleted this message less than 2 hours after he had posted it.

The challenge was posed maybe because JM de Guzman felt that what Enrique Gil did to Jessy Mendiola remain unresolved.

Enrique Gil, according to a witness who spilled the story to TV 5 and PEP, harassed Jessy Mendiola while he was in a drunken state inside a plane bound for London.

Rumors are circulating online that Enrique Gil “rubbed” his private parts on Jessy Mendiola.

There’s a speculation that the Enrique Gil incident caused the rumored break-up of Jessy Mendiola and JM de Guzman a few days ago.

The #Jessy hashtag became a trending topic on Twitter a few hours today.

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