[Viral] Yaya Dub reveals thoughts on 1st date with Alden


Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub) revealed her real feelings about first date with Alden.

In a series of tweets after the first AlDub date, Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) implied that she got super excited and got a bit rattled when she was with Alden at Eat Bulaga Broadway Centrum.

A fan noted that during the AlDub’s first date, Yaya Dub placed the isaw on the table cloth and not on the plate.


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AlDub’s first date: Alden, Yaya Dub

Maine replied:

Whoa, seriously?! What the… nawala ata ako sa sarili kanina! Haha!

Another fan asked how she felt when the quail egg (pugo) fell from her mouth when she was in front of Alden Richards.

Maine said, Excited much yung pugo, bv [bad vibe]. *rolls eyes*

She also tweeted her random thoughts about her first date with Alden Richards.

Read and let’s see if you can stop yourself from giggling:

“Bakit ang layo!”
“Bat ako tawa ng tawa?”
“Talagang may isaw at pugo?!”
“Eh….ang cute nya.”

— Maine Mendoza @mainedcm 19 Sep 2015

All of Maine Mendoza’s tweets today, September 19th, went viral.

AlDub fans all over the world are retweeting and favoriting them all in the tens of thousands.

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