Why is AlDub so popular: Foreigners are now wondering

With millions of tweets worldwide every day, other countries are asking what AlDub is.

by Jessie Mendoza

For a lot of AlDub fans, their AlDub-related hashtags, with millions of tweets and trending worldwide every day, are commonplace.

But foreigners in the Philippines and people in other countries are starting to notice and have been asking, “What is AlDub?”

aldub love team getting real popular trending worldwide philippines yaya dub maine mendoza alden richards foreigners other countries ask wondering what is aldub barbie xu
AlDub love team popular in the Philippines. Foreigners are wondering why it’s trending worldwide.

A lot of them are wondering why it’s trending daily.

Just today, September 21st, Barbie Xu, the one who played Shan Cai in “Meteor Garden” TV Series (became popular in the Philippines in 2002), also tweeted about AlDub.

She asked, What is AlDub? It’s trending every day?

AlDub fans lost no time in replying to Barbie Xu’s tweet, explaining to her what AlDub is.

An AlDub fan said, It’s a love team here in the Philippines. They have so many fans that’s why.

Barbie Xu replied, I thought its a pet.

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