Why Kris Aquino is leaving ‘Aquino & Abunda Tonight’

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Kris Aquino confirmed that she'll be leaving 'Aquino & Abunda Tonight' for good.

In a press conference for Etiquette for Mistresses on September 16th, Kris Aquino confirmed that she’ll be leaving Aquino and Abunda Tonight for good.

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Kris Aquino is leaving ‘Aquino & Abunda Tonight’

Kris reasoned out that after a near-stroke incident last August 2015, her doctor had advised her to de-stress.

She needs to better take care of her health so her blood pressure would be more stable.

She said, I cannot shoot a movie and do two daily shows.

Kris Aquino will still continue with her daily show, Kris TV.

At the same time, she’ll be busy shooting Mr. and Mrs. Split for the 2015 MMFF.

On September 21st, she’ll be back on Aquino and Abunda for her finale week.

That would give her a chance to say her goodbyes to viewers who support the show.

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