Yaya Dub & Alden’s second meeting: 6.37 million tweets!


AlDub's second meeting: Hashtag, #ALDUBTheAbduction, breaks Twitter world record with…

The hashtag, #ALDUBTheAbduction, breaks Twitter world record with 6.37 million tweets.

AlDub’s loyal fandom gets an A+ for effort as they broke their previous record of 5.8 million tweets.

It’s still unofficial, but the hashtag, #ALDUBTheAbduction, got 6.37 million tweets. This could be a new world record for highest number of tweets in 24 hours.

AlDub fans were aiming to surpass what they thought was the 6.2 million record of the hashtag, #LoveWins (achieved on June 26th, 2015).

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Yaya Dub & Alden’s 2nd meeting: Blindfolded

But based on an article in USA Today, #LoveWins got a total of 5.5 million tweets only in 24 hours. The whole topic about gay marriage legalization in the US got 10 million tweets.

#ALDUBTheAbduction then is way ahead of the record of #LoveWins.

Through their dedication, the AlDub’s #ALDUBTheAbduction managed to surpass #LoveWins by more than 800,000 tweets.

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