Finally! Yaya Dub & Alden meet each other for the first time!

The wait is over! Celebrating the first ever meeting of Alden and Yaya Dub.

by Jessie Mendoza

The wait is over!

The whole AlDub nation is jumping with joy!

Celebrating the first ever, eye-to-eye, face-to-face meeting of Alden and Yaya Dub finally happened today, September 5th.

aldub yaya dub alden finally meet each other first time bulaga
Alden and Yaya Dub first meeting

The AlDub fans, mostly in tears, were crying, screaming and giggling like there’s no tomorrow.

Alden Richards and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) broke their promise to Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola) and cannot control themselves from seeing each other.

For a while there, AlDub fans thought it will be another hopia day.

But Venus and Aphrodite must have smiled on the AlDub lovers today.

For more than 30 seconds, Yaya Dub and Alden have finally seen each other! FINALLY!

About 10 meters apart, Yaya Dub’s smiles, her surprised look and her pabebe waves were priceless.

Alden, ever so handsome in his black vest, was taken by surprise.

He was smiling back, looking like the Pambansang Bae that he is and obviously just as delighted as Yaya Dub.

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