Yaya Dub’s kidnapping reported to CIDG-PNP by AlDub nation

A worried AlDub fan asked help on Yaya Dub’s kidnapping, CIDG-PNP responds.

by Jessie Mendoza

It all started with a tweet from a worried AlDub fan, who asked help from the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group of Philippine National Police (CIDG-PNP) on Yaya Dub’s kidnapping in Kalyeserye on September 5th.

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Yaya Dub in a van with kidnappers

The tweet read, Pakitulungan po kami. Na-kidnap si Yaya Dub. Salamat po.

Surprisingly, CIDG answered, Sa Anti-kidnapping po pag ganyan ang case… tutulong po tyo sa investigation.

From then on, several fans have tweeted to CIDG about Yaya Dub’s kidnapping and some are even filing complaints against the infamous plywood that blocked Yaya Dub and Alden’s path.

Up to now, @CIDG_PNP is still patiently answering the inquiries of AlDub fans.

Because AlDub fans find the CIDG cool and hip in riding the AlDub craze, a lot of them have started to follow the CIDG’s Twitter account.

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