Yaya Dub’s mother: Maine Mendoza as Isadora


Maine Mendoza as Isadora, Yaya Dub’s mother. Maine Mendoza also dubsmashed while answering…

A new character showed up on Kalyeserye on September 1st, and she surprised everyone, including Alden Richards.

Maine Mendoza joined the women who were claiming to be Isadora, Yaya Dub’s mother.

Dressed similarly like the triplets, Maine Mendoza also dubsmashed while answering the screening questions of the Lola Nidora, Tidora and Tinidora.

aldub yaya dub maine mendoza mother isadora isaw new best role lola
Maine Mendoza as Isadora, Yaya Dub’s mother

In the end, Lola Nidora concluded that Maine Mendoza’s character is a fake Isadora, while Tinidora and Tidora are quite convinced that she’s the real Isadora.

AlDub fans noticed the surprise in Alden’s eyes and said that he still reacted affectionately to Maine Mendoza in her new role.

Alden messaged the Maine Mendoza’s new character, “Hi, Mommy Dub!”, accompanied by a “pabebe wave.”

In return, Maine Mendoza as Isadora, responded with a pabebe wave and a pabebe tongue.

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