Yaya Dub’s mother revealed! Lola Nidora poisoned!


Lola Nidora revealed in Kalyeserye the name of Yaya Dub’s (Maine Mendoza) mother. She was…

Lola Nidora (wally Bayola) revealed in Kalyeserye, August 31st, that the name of Yaya Dub’s (Maine Mendoza) mother is “Isadora.”

She was about to give details about who Isadora really is, but she started foaming at her mouth.

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AlDub: Yaya Dub, Lola Nidora

Was Lola Nidora poisoned through that “rambutan” juice Yaya Dub gave her?

At the end of the episode, an unconscious Lola Nidora was brought to the van by The Rogelios.

This led a lot of AlDub fans to speculate that probably, Lola Nidora will be hospitalized for a while and will “leave” Kalyeserye temporarily.

They’re then expecting Wally Bayola to come back to Kalyeserye, but this time, as Isadora.

We only need to see the first shot of Isadora’s legs to know who’ll play her part.

If those legs are short… well, welcome back, Wally Bayola, to another different role.

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