Yaya Dub real voice: Speaks Alden’s name for the 1st time


Listen to Yaya Dub's real voice. She says “Alden” for the first time on TV.

Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) was absent on September 22nd, in Kalyeserye, but she phoned Lola Nidora often, conveying her message via dubsmashing.

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Yaya Dub’s real voice: Says “Alden” for the first time on TV

Then a few seconds before the freeze frame, she very clearly said:

Lola! Lola! Alden! Alden!

Her few spoken words were enough for the AlDub fans to hope that Yaya Dub will have more speaking parts when she comes back to Kalyeserye.

Alden Richards was all smiles when he heard Yaya Dub’s voice calling his name, twice.

That’s the first time ever that Yaya Dub uttered his name with her real voice.

If you’re wondering how Yaya Dub’s voice sounds like, here it is.

Loop it and enjoy Yaya Dub’s sweet voice calling Lola and especially, Alden.

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