Yaya Dub snobs fans, moody and maarte? AlDub fans doubt it

Maine Mendoza was frowning and didn't want her picture taken.

by Jessie Mendoza

Last week, a disappointed “fan” posted on Facebook, a message which implies that Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) is a snob, “ang arte”, and not even smiling.

That fan also said that Maine Mendoza was frowning and didn’t want her picture taken.

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Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub)

A picture of Yaya Dub inside the Stylized Studio of Liz Uy, texting and smiling while on her phone, made AlDub fans doubt the claim of the supposedly “snubbed” fan.

Is Yaya Dub really a snob?

We tried to dig up videos and pictures of her with fans.

We also scoured comments on social media, and so far, the “post” from that disappointed fan was the only really negative comment we have found.

Though Maine Mendoza admits that what she hates most about herself is her being matampuhin and super moody, we saw no evidence of her being rude to her fans.

Her co-artists, Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola observe that Maine Mendoza is just usually quiet, listening to her earphones.

TAPE executive Malou Choa-Fagar describes her as educated, kind, quiet, fun-loving and someone who has breeding.

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