Yaya Dub ‘speaks’ for the first time — she’ll get amnesia?

by Jessie Mendoza

People who have watched Kalyeserye live in barangay said that it was Yaya Dub who said,…

After so much chanting of “Yaya! Yaya!” from the Eat Bulaga studio audience, Yaya Dub (aka Maine Mendoza) appeared today with a bandage on her head due to the car accident; which happened on their first date on September 19th.

She’s happy even when she got injured.

She’s her usual sweet self with Alden Richards.

They exchanged fansigns like before. Alden Richards kissed Yaya Dub’s bandaged forehead.

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Yaya Dub fainted; speaks for the first time

Every now and then, Yaya Dub gets dizzy and holds on to her head.

But when Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola) and Tidora (Paolo Ballesteros) were talking, somebody cried out, “Lola!”.

Both of them looked for Yaya Dub. They found her lying unconscious on a bench.

A worried Lola Nidora then ordered the Rogelios to carry her to the van and bring her to the hospital.

Alden meanwhile asked the Rogelios to be careful with the way they had carried Yaya Dub.

The conclusion of most people is that Yaya Dub has finally found her voice after that car accident!

The whole AlDub nation is thrilled over this new development.

They’ve been wanting to hear Yaya Dub’s voice for a long time.

People who have watched the Kalyeserye live in the barangay said that it was indeed Yaya Dub who said, “Lola!”

Why did Yaya Dub faint after the car accident?

What would happen when Yaya Dub wakes up, given the fact that her head is still injured?

AlDub fans are saying that she’ll probably experience “amnesia” because she still has the injury.

Whatever happens tomorrow, September 21st, the AlDub fans are still very much hooked on Kalyeserye as ever.

The #ALDUBTheTRIALS hashtag became a trending topic in the Philippines and worldwide, with 1.67 million tweets and counting.

Easy as pie for AlDub nation that holds the world record with 12.1 million tweets for the #ALDUBTheMostAwaitedDate hashtag.

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