Alden hugging Yaya Dub, accidental or intentional?

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Alden Hugging Yaya Dub on Halloween Bahay ni Lola

Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza and Alden Richards were dressed up as lovers Bella and Edward of “Twilight” for the October 31st episode of Kalyeserye. Their Halloween costumes alone, already promised an episode of everlasting love and “pakilig” for the AlDub nation.

Yaya Dub was clad in black leather jacket while Alden was in a trench coat similar to the ones that Robert Pattinson wore in the Twilight series.

Together with the lolas, Alden and Yaya Dub go inside what was supposedly the house of the Lola of the Explorer sisters.

All sorts of crazy and scary things happened inside the house. There was a scene wherein all of them were possessed, one by one, by a soul who is complaining about not being visited or remembered.

One of the highlights of the Halloween special started when the lights went off and half of the screen went totally black. When it came back on, Alden Richards and Yaya Dub were seen hugging each other tightly.

Alden’s right arm was hugging Yaya’s back, while his left arm was holding her head close to his chest. Yaya Dub’s arms were around Alden’s back, in a full embrace.

Both of them said sorry to Lola Nidora about the hug, saying they just got scared and couldn’t help but get carried away.

While they were inside the house, Alden was holding Yaya by her shoulder most of the time. Yaya Dub on the other hand, was holding on to his arm. They dubsmashed every now and then, touching each other’s cheeks and forehead, wiping and dabbing off the perspiration from their faces.

AlDub fans in the studio audience were shouting and giggling as all of these things were happening between Yaya Dub and Alden.

All of them finally found the jewelry box inside a drawer, as described in the diary. The key to forever did fit the drawer containing the jewelry box perfectly. The whole cast ran outside the house after celebrating the find.

The climax of the show happened outside of the house, when Alden Richards opened the jewelry box.

Yaya Dub cried out, “may lumpia”! (there’s a spring roll!), making the EB panel and the lolas laugh.

The “lumpia” turned out to be a small, old scroll. Alden read its contents:

“Kung sinuman ang makakakuha muli nito, nararapat na ibigay mo ito sa taong nagpapatibok ng puso mo. Sa tao na gusto mong makasama forever. Ang taong gusto mong alayan ng pag-ibig na wagas, na walang katapusan. Wala man ito sa kamay ng iyong pinakamamahal, sa mga oras ng pag aalinlangan, isuot ang singsing upang ipaalala na meron naman talagang tutoong pag-ibig. At ang bawat pagsubok, ang magpapatibay nito.” (Whoever gets this, it is proper that you give this to the person that makes your heart, beat. To the person who you want to be with, forever. The person you want to offer a true and everlasting love. Even if this is not in the hand of the person you love most, in moments of doubt, wear this ring as a reminder that true love exists. And that every trial would make it stronger.)

While he was reading this, Yaya Dub was acting shyly, with her usual cute pabebe looks and moves.

The AlDub theme song “God Gave Me You”, played in the background.

As Alden was about to give the ring to Yaya Dub, it fell to the ground. He picked it up, and offered it to Yaya Dub, while he was kneeling on one knee.

It looked like a picture-perfect proposal and the scene brought the audience up on its feet, cheering wildly and excitedly!

But before Yaya Dub could put on the ring, the bull horn sounded and the freeze-frame happened.

When the summary of Gasgas ended, Yaya Dub and Alden were playfully pretending to put on the ring.

We’re also pretending that we didn’t see Alden touch Yaya Dub’s leg for a second, while they were dubsmashing. But we couldn’t close our eyes to the fact that they look so comfortable talking and being close to each other now.

The AlDub nation had shown that they are pleased with everything that happened in the Halloween-themed episode of Kalyeserye. The #ALDUBBahayNiLOLA hashtag was a top trending topic on Twitter in the Philippines and worldwide. It gained almost three million tweets, just before 5:00 pm on October 31st.

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