Alden hugs Yaya Dub pillow on ‘Wish I May’ music video

Must watch Alden Richards 'Wish I May' music video. Snow everywhere, Yaya Dub face…

Alden Richards hugs a Yaya Dub pillow in “Wish I May” video.

Alden Richards’ music video has been launched by GMA Records on Sunday Pinasaya and uploaded to YouTube on October 18th.

AlDub fans had a pleasant surprise towards the end of the video when Alden Richards went to bed and hugged a pillow with Yaya Dub’s (Maine Mendoza) face on it.

He covered the rest of the pillow with a blanket so that only Maine’s face was showing. Then he kissed and hugged it tightly!

The music video, which was directed by Louie Ignacio, shows Alden Richards in a snow-filled environment.

alden richards aldub wish i may maine mendoza

He’s initially shown setting up a camera and then interacting with it. Sounds and looks familiar?

Then, he shows a series of fansigns, mostly pick-up lines which he used with Yaya Dub in Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye show.

Alden Richards is famous for being someone who cries easily. The music video showed him shed a tear while he’s holding a red rose.


In the last few seconds of the music video, he fansigned this:

Sana unan na lang ako. Para ako na lang ang kayakap mo.

After that, he went to bed, beside a pillow in a white pillowcase.

But when he turned over the pillow, there’s Yaya Dub’s beautiful picture imprinted on the pillow.

Well, what else can we say but #KiligPaMore!!!

“Wish I May” is the carrier single of Alden Richards’ second album of the same title, “Wish I May”.

The “Wish I May” album has been certified Gold by PARI, and has been on top of the iTunes Albums chart in the Philippines.

Watch official music video of “Wish I May” from Alden Richards’ second album

Snow World Star City. Wish I May album is now available on iTunes and other digital stores worldwide.
Wish I May single is now available for download and streaming!

Watch the video here:

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