AlDub Coca-Cola commercial this December?

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AlDub as Coca-Cola endorsers this December

The latest posts of Coca-Cola on social media implies that the AlDub love team will be their endorsers this coming December.

In a tweet on October 29th, Coca-Cola posted a short video with two hands doing the “pabebe” wave. In the middle of those hands, is something in the shape of the iconic Coca-Cola bottle. They captioned the video with this message:

“This Christmas, COCA-COLA is making wishes come true & we’re doing it with some help. Sino kaya sila? #WishMoKayaKo

[email protected] 11:41 AM 29 Oct 2015

Similar messages have been posted on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. See this link for the short video:

AlDub fans have been retweeting, sharing and reposting Coca-Cola’s message. Some are thanking Coca-Cola for what they say is a great gift while others are requesting for AlDub to be the product endorsers. They have also been requesting Coca-Cola for promotional materials with the AlDub love team on it like calendars, customized bottles, etc.

But it appears, Coca-Cola will go beyond granting the wish of fans for an AlDub commercial. The message also suggests that Coca-Cola will grant actual wishes of their customers.

Every time someone tweets them, “Can I make a wish?”, Coca-Cola asks for complete details of the wish or concern. They add, “so we can properly assist you.”

That means, Coca-Cola Philippines is ready to grant real wishes this coming December. They’re gonna be like Santa Claus!

Hmmm, so can we wish for 10 Happiness Trucks?

Coca-Cola has been a regular sponsor of “Juan For All, All For Juan” on Eat Bulaga. So, a lot of fans weren’t surprised with what Coca-Cola posted and promoted on social media sites.

In fact, fans have just been waiting for Coca-Cola to announce the AlDub endorsement. They have been talking about it on social media, way ahead of the posts.

Now that Coca-Cola sort of confirms the AlDub endorsement, you know which softdrinks company will have a tremendous spike in their sales this December.

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