AlDub Eat Bulaga visit, no touch, no beso, 1 foot apart

AlDub Eat Bulaga visit, no touch, no beso, 1 foot apart.

Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola) laid down her rules once again for Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) and the rest of her sister’s visit to Eat Bulaga Broadway Centrum.

Lola Nidora reminded Alden Richards and the Eat Bulaga panel that the 1 foot apart, “no touch” policy will remain in place during their Eat Bulaga visit.

Alden Richards fansigned:

Pwede po bang bumeso?

But Lola Nidora rejected Alden’s request, saying that the visit is just the “getting to know” stage, not “beso to know.”


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AlDub Eat Bulaga visit, no touch, no beso, 1 foot apart

Then, Alden says to Yaya Dub that he’ll have to go to Cebu but will be back again on October 3rd.

Yaya Dub fansigned:

Pasalubong ko

Alden asked her what she wants. Yaya Dub answered:

Mangga na may chocolate.

Alden fansigned:

Pwedeng… ako na lang?

Yaya Dub immediately fansigned:


Everyone noted just how fast Yaya Dub was with her Yes.

Alden fansigned:

May ipagbibilin ka ba?

Yaya Dub answered in her real voice:

Ingat ka. Mamimiss kita.

Lola Nidora requested that the TVJ (Tito, Vic and Joey) serenade her and her sisters when they go to Eat Bulaga Broadway. Vic Sotto says:

Sige, alang-alang sa AlDub nation.

Yaya Dub also said in her real voice:

Super Excited na rin akong makita kayo lahat, lalo ka na!


Was she pointing at Alden Richards or Baste?

At any rate, AlDub fans eagerly awaiting for Yaya Dub and Alden Richards to meet at Eat Bulaga Broadway Centrum for the 3rd time.

At around 3:00 AM Philippine time, the #ALDUBmeetsTVJ hashtag is trending on Twitter with more than 2.3 million tweets.

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