AlDub’s first shake hands, how long did it last?

AlDub's first shake hands. So how long did it last? Hint: Longer than usual.

The AlDub fans were treated to the first official handshake of the AlDub love team on October 3rd.
And guess what? It lasted for around 31 seconds!

Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) and Alden Richards held each other’s hands in a tight grip; a firm handshake, if you will.

And it seemed the AlDub love team never wanted to let go.

Like small kids, they were jumping with joy while holding hands.

Yaya Dub then spoke in her real voice the memorable lines of Maricel Soriano.

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How long did AlDub’s first handshake last?

She interchanged and repeated some phrases and even missed a phrase.

Was she just nervous? She said:

Ayoko ng tinatapakan ako, ayoko nang mabaho, ayoko ng walang tubig, ayoko ng mabaho ulit, ayoko ng walang pagkain, ayoko ng putik.

The original lines of Maricel Soriano in the movie goes like this:

Ayoko ng tinatapakan ako. Ayoko ng masikip. Ayoko ng mabaho. Ayoko ng walang tubig. Ayoko ng walang pagkain. Ayoko ng putik.

After saying the popular lines, Yaya Dub let go of Alden’s hands.

After the strong handshake, she sang the refrain of “Wish I May” by Alden.

Alden joined her for a duet of the song.

Well, this was exactly what Alden wished to happen on October 2nd.

He said he’d love it if he and Yaya Dub would sing together at Eat Bulaga studio.

While all these were happening on-stage, fans were screaming and almost rolling on the floor with kilig.

Watch the first AlDub shake hands here: ALDUB Day 69: Live, Laugh, Love

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