AlDub’s popularity not fake, Twitter Executive confirms

AlDub's popularity not fake, Twitter Executie confirms. Real people tweet their…

Twitter Executive confirms authenticity of 25.6 million tweets for the ALDubEBforLOVE hashtag.

The 25.6 million tweets that the AlDub nation achieved for the #ALDubEBforLOVE hashtag on September 26th was “real”.

That’s according to Rishi Jaitly, Twitter’s Asia Pacific and Middle East Vice-President.

In a recent interview with Rappler, Rishi Jaitly said that AlDub was such a “global phenomenon”:

[We had to] look internally to make sure that these tweet volumes were in fact authentic…But this is real. This is not a sideshow, this is real media being creative.

Rishi Jaitly remarked that the tweets for the #ALDubEBforLOVE hashtag did not beat the Super Bowl record of 28.4 million tweets.

But it surpassed the tweets for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards which numbered 21.4 million.

The AlDub nation has been accused by critics and bashers for using bots and other methods to inflate the number of tweets for AlDub-related hashtags.

Finally, their genuine efforts to show support for the AlDub love team has been validated by no less than an area Vice President of Twitter himself.

aldub yaya dub alden richards popularity hashtag trending 25.6 million tweets real not fake no bots twitter

Jaitly came to the Philippines recently and watched Eat Bulaga live at the Broadway Centrum with other Twitter executives.

He said that he talked to the producers of the show and is delighted that they’ll continue to listen to its audience.

He said the AlDub phenomenon is something that the “world is paying attention to”, especially the content producers.

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