Angry AlDub fans attack Kris Bernal over pic with Alden

Angry AlDub fans attack Kris Bernal over picture with Alden Richards.

GMA artist Kris Bernal is being bashed by some AlDub fans for posting a picture of her and Alden Richards on Instagram at around 10:00 AM. Some fans commented that the IG post ruined their enjoyment of Kalyeserye on October 6th.

The last episode of Kalyeserye ended with Lola Nidora trying to decide who would be with her at the barangay, Yaya Dub or Alden Richards?

Since Kris Bernal posted the picture way before Kalyeserye started, it gave AlDub fans a clue that Alden would be absent.

The IG photo shows Kris Bernal and Alden Richards together, with both of them holding on to straphangers. The picture had a general caption of “Naga City”. Kris Bernal said, ” Mas gwapo pala siya sa personal!!!Kalma kalma lang. Wag pahalata. Ayan na, nilabas pa yung dimples nya!@aldenrichards02,#pambansangbae#pambansangdimple#aldub”

Some fans are also saying that Alden Richards should have asked permission from Yaya Dub that he will be going to Naga City. In a previous episode of Kalyeserye, Alden gave Yaya Dub prior notice when he was going to Cebu for a meet and greet with fans.

Other AlDub fans are reacting to how Kris Bernal described Alden Richards. Both Kris and Alden have met before and are known to be friends, but why the caption “mas gwapo pala siya sa personal?”

Kris Bernal fans explained that she has always been bubbly and the caption was obviously meant as a joke.

It should be noted, though, that the bashers are outnumbered by other AlDub fans who say that everyone should take a chill pill. “Trabaho lang”, most of them are saying. A lot of them are asking their fellow AlDub fans to widen their understanding about the whole matter.

Kris Bernal has around 284,000 followers on Instagram. The IG post with Alden Richards had one of the highest number of likes and comments on her IG account.

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