Is Yaya Dub the future Nicomaine Faulkerson?

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AlDub's 15th Weeksary Celebration

Alden Richards made a surprise visit to the barangay on October 29th to celebrate the 15th Weeksary of AlDub.

The visit was the focus of Kalyeserye as Yaya Dub and Alden Richards were shown becoming more comfortable with each other.

Yaya Dub can now deliver better punchlines even without the fansigns. Her wacky faces added color to her spoken words. She made the EB panel and the audience laugh with her wacky faces and her pabebe moves.

But the climax was when Yaya Dub implied that she prefers the real “Faulkerson” over “Richards”, if ever she changes her family name.

If you want to know how the 15th Monthsary celebration went, read on.

Alden Richards came into the scene at the Barangay just a few minutes after Lola Nidora asked for the diary from the Rogelios. She was about to place the diary in her bag when a riding in tandem snatched it from her.

Lola Nidora and Yaya Dub ran after them. One rider got off the motorcycle and posed to fight the Lolas and Yaya Dub.

The studio audience were shouting at that point, they knew already that it was Alden Richards.

The rider took off his helmet and sure enough, it’s Alden.

Yaya Dub reacted by hitting the other rider on his back with her folded fan. She was laughing and acted like a schoolgirl who sees her crush. She even hid behind one of the Rogelios.

Lola Tinidora pushed the two of them together. Alden almost kissed Yaya Dub twice.

Lola Nidora sternly asked back Yaya Dub to be at her side.

Yaya Dub and Alden started greeting Happy Weeksary to each other in their own voice.

The EB panel, especially Tito Sotto and Joey de Leon, were asking Alden to give a gentleman’s kiss to Yaya Dub. But that obviously wasn’t allowed by the scriptwriters.

Alden Richards gave bouquets to all of them. And then he gave Yaya Dub the box of roses which he forgot to give her at the Philippine Arena.

They played hide and seek with that box. Yaya Dub kept making wacky faces behind the box, to the delight of the audience.

Then Alden gave the surprise of a lunch date set-up for Yaya Dub. He brought along food for the lolas and Isaw for Yaya Dub.

From then on, it was one “pakilig” ride all the way to the freeze-frame. Here are the high points of that 15th weeksary lunch at the Barangay.

Yaya Dub said she was really surprised by the visit of Alden. At one point, she just kept on laughing, holding her face with her hands. She can’t speak, that’s why Tinidora gave her some water.

She said, “Di ako na-orient!” She was imitating what Alden said when she pranked him with a call on “Sunday Pinasaya”.

Alden Richards wiped off the sweat from Yaya Dub’s face, then smelled her sweat from the tissue he used.

After this, Alden gives the Key to Forever to Lola Nidora.

Everyone observed that Yaya Dub and Alden weren’t looking at each other directly. Especially Yaya Dub, who said she was “shy kasi”.

They were asked to dubsmash together and Yaya Dub held on to Alden’s arm as she did at the Philippine Arena. They then proceeded to dubsmash their three favorites.

Yaya Dub made it funnier by looking at Alden naughtily, while doing the dubsmash. Alden was unaware she was doing this but caught her once.

When they ended dubsmashing, they playfully pulled each other’s arms. Alden held Yaya Dub’s hand for a few seconds.

They were then asked by Tidora what their messages were for each other.

Alden said, “Happy 15th weeksary. Sana magtuloy tuloy na ‘to sa forever. (I hope this continues up to forever.)

Yaya Dub said almost the same thing. But after all the lolas ganged up on her to say what she really felt, she cried, ” Tama na yan! Tama na yan!” (That’s enough! That’s enough!)

Then she says, ” Happy 15th weeksary. Thank you sa surprise. Sobrang nagulat ako na makita ka. Syempre happy ako. Sana magtagal pa. Magtagal pa ang AlDub. Magtagal pa tayo.” (Happy 15th weeksary. Thank you for the surprise. I was so shocked to see you. Of course, I’m happy. I hope this lasts. I hope AlDub lasts. I hope the two of us will last.)

While she was saying this, Yaya Dub very rarely looked at Alden. Then after she delivered her lines, she made a wacky face again.

They made a promise to each other via a pinky swear that they turned into a heart.

Their theme song, “God Gave Me You” played in the background.

Lola Tinidora asked them what they will do if one of them changes.

Alden said nothing will change with him.

Joey de Leon taught Alden what he should have said to Yaya Dub. “Magbabago lang sayo, apelyido mo”.(The only thing that will change, will be your family name.)

Yaya Dub says, “Ako po yata yun, sakin yata. Apelyido ko po yata yung magbabago.” (I think that’s me. It’s my family name that will change.)
She sticks out her tongue and makes a wacky face.

Joey asked Yaya Dub again. If her family name would change, which family name would she prefer, Richards or Faulkerson?

Yaya Dub laughed and said, “Kung ano po yung mas bagay. E di syempre yung mas tutoo” (Whichever will be more fitting for me. Of course, the real one!)

Tito Sotto then said “Nicomaine Faulkerson”. Allan K commented it’s beautiful and sounds like a foreign name.

Joey said they should talk about the motif.

Then, Lola Nidora reminded them that it’s good to be friends first, so their love can be stronger.

Alden told Lola Nidora not to worry because they are taking her lessons to heart.

Then they all proceed to dance Fantastic Baby.

Yaya Dub shouted “Ano ba Alden, tama na! Ano ba?”(Hey, Alden, that’s enough!). She pretended to remove Alden’s hand from her shoulders, when in fact he is not touching her.

Lola Nidora went back to reading the diary. She found an old picture of her Lola. The address of their Lola’s house, is written at the back of the picture.

She shouted, “Eto na ang address ni Lola!” (Here’s the address of Lola!)

Then, the freeze-frame happened. Alden Richards was caught in the freeze, while holding Yaya tightly in a side hug. He was also holding her hand!

AlDub fans are saying this is the best weeksary so far. It’s a real treat after ‘Sa Tamang Panahon”.

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