Reasons why Angel Locsin is a real-life Darna

Angel Locsin's battle vs. spinal injury

by Jessie Mendoza

It’s all over media now, that Angel Locsin will not play the role of “Darna” anymore because of her spinal injury. But few people know that Angel has been battling with her back problem for years.

In an interview with Boy Abunda recently, Angel revealed that her spinal injury started when she fell from a horse several times during the filming of “Love Me Again”.

To give you an idea how long ago that was, “Love Me Again” was released December 2008 in the US and January 2009 in the Philippines.

She admitted that the symptoms of the injury had always recurred but she kept quiet about it. She wanted to conquer her body. “Mind over matter,” she told Abunda.

Angel added that she wanted to get well. She does not want people to think she is sick and that she cannot do her projects. She was positive despite what she was experiencing.

When asked what it felt like having a disc bulge, Angel disclosed that it was really painful.

She got the scare of her life, when one morning, she wasn’t able to move nor walk anymore.

Proving her strength and courage despite what happened to her at that moment, Angel didn’t shout for help. She said she did not want to cause panic among members of her household.

Angel recalled that day, which she said she never wanted to happen again:

“Dati kasi pag nag recur sya, sasakit lang, mga 3 days, medyo hindi ka lang makalakad, pero kaya mo namang gumapang. Pero may time po kasi na for ilang days di po kasi talaga ako nakalakad. Isang araw, gumising na lang ako hindi na ako makatayo. Ni gapang. Ni hatak sa sarili hindi ko magawa. Kinabahan na ko, Tito Boy kasi iba sya… dun sa mga dating nararamdaman ko. Isang oras na kong nasa floor pero di ko maisigaw sarili ko kasi trinatry ko pang bumangon. Ayokong mataranta mga kasama ko sa bahay, so after an hour nahanap na nila ko, kahit pinakamalakas na pain reliever wala nang effect sa akin. So kailangan na nila akong dalhin sa ospital.”

While telling this story, Angel was on the verge of crying, but you can see how she was trying to control herself.

She repeatedly told Boy Abunda that she does not regret all that she had done in her career. She said she did everything because she always wanted to inspire and make people happy with her work.

It must be noted that Angel Locsin is one of the few actresses in showbiz, who does not shy away from action films or teleseryes. Her breakout roles as Alwina in “Mulawin” and as “Darna” in her previous network GMA7, were both action-packed.

Abunda asked her if she ever thought of quitting showbiz, Angel admitted that she did.

She thought that she can’t do anything anymore considering her condition. She thought she just might lose her credibility with the people.

Her ABS-CBN family told her that there is life after Darna, that there are other projects that she can do.

Angel said that she is under therapy and treatment for her disc bulge. Her doctor warned her that if it gets worse, she might get paralyzed.

Thankfully, her latest MRI showed that her disc bulge has not worsened. She is unsure on whether or not she will undergo surgery, but she says her body seems to be responding well to therapy.

For now, Angel is resolved to get better. She admitted it was painful that she lost the role of “Darna”. Especially since she has prepared for it for about two years.

She said she had no choice but to let go of “Darna”, because of her injury. She has to move on and think about her future.

She is staying optimistic and says people should not worry about her. Who knows, she can do fight scenes again and she joked, she just might be Wonder Woman next year.

The interview with Boy Abunda showed, that just like the heroines she has portrayed, Angel is tough and courageous.

Angel Locsin does not need “Darna” to inspire people. Her positive outlook in life as well as her philanthropic endeavors are enough.

Angel renewed her contract with ABS-CBN on October 29th and will have a movie project with Coco Martin. Her film with “future” mother-in-law Vilma Santos and Xian Lim will be released next year.

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