[Viral] Watch Yaya Dub’s 555 Sardines TV Commercial

[Viral] Watch Yaya Dub's 555 Sardines TV Commercial.

The newest TVC of Maine Mendoza launched on October 3, in time with Yaya Dub’s visit to the Dabarkads.

The TVC features Maine Mendoza “singing” Bodjie Dasig’s famous composition, “Sana Dalawa ang Puso ko”.

The 30-seconder shows Maine holding two heart pillows and looking undecided as to which one she will choose. Then she throws them up in the air.

Out comes two variants of 555 sardines, one in tomato sauce and the other one which is hot and spicy fried sardines.

Maine Mendoza’s talent shone as she dubsmashed in the commercial. Her fans are delighted that she even dubsmashed the male voice-over which said “555 sardines in tomato sauce”.

Her fans are wondering if it’s her real voice that was used in other parts of the commercial. Especially that part where she said, “Sardines ko, 555!”

Makers of 555 Sardines, Century Pacific Food Corporation, issued a statement saying that Maine Mendoza is the perfect endorser for their brands’ best sellers. Its VP and General Manager, Greg Banzon, said that “Maine’s humble, wholesomely attractive, and funny persona connected very strongly with the masa consumer”.

Just like other endorsements related to AlDub, the AlDub nation is showing their strong support. Right after the launching of the commercial, fans tweeted that they are off to the grocery to buy 555 sardines. Some have even posted pictures of them enjoying the sardines in a variety of ways.

The 30 second 555 Sardines TVC has gone viral on Facebook with more than 815,000 views as of this writing.

Watch Maine Mendoza’s 555 Sardines TVC

Bakit kaya dalawa ang puso ni Meng?

Maine Mendoza For 555 Sardines

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STwNTaLzn6IMaine Mendoza For 555 Sardineshttps://i.ytimg.com/vi/STwNTaLzn6I/hqdefault.jpgOct 2, 2015

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