What is Yaya Dub doing at Vicki Belo’s clinic?

What is Yaya Dub doing at Vicki Belo's clinic?

by Jessie Mendoza

Yaya Dub spotted at Belo clinic, is she a Belo baby now?

Vicki Belo has posted a picture of Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza on Instagram, filling up a form in her Morato clinic.

She’s looking radiant and glowing as usual.

The picture has gained 4,800+ likes and 260+ comments in just a span of 4 hours.

One commenter noticed that among all Vicki Belo’s uploaded pictures on Instagram, Maine Mendoza’s is the only one that has 4,800+ likes.

Vicki Belo captioned Maine Mendoza’s picture with:

@mainedcm [Maine Mendoza] at #belo Morato to have a hydra facial to brighten her skin. It’s a good thing that @aldenrichards02 [Alden Richards] did not have an appointment on the same day.

— Vicki Belo 19 Oct 2015


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Baeby Baste & Yaya Dub

We all know how possessive AlDub fans are to Maine.

In the comments section, many people stated that Maine should never undergo any kind of plastic surgeries.

They say she’s too beautiful to have anything changed in her appearance.

Just like what Vicki Belo said, Maine will be having Hydra Facial to brighten her skin.

Is that be the only treatment she’s signing up for?

In Kalyeserye’s episode on October 19th, a lot of fans have noticed Maine Mendoza’s skin breaking out.

They said she may be allergic to some make-up applied to her face, or maybe she’s stressed out because of the upcoming big event, “Sa Tamang Panahon”, live at the Philippine Arena on October 24th.

Who wouldn’t feel the pressure, right?

She could probably be stressed out trying to live up to everyone’s expectation.

Whatever the reason is for Maine’s break out on the face, AlDub fans have high hopes that she’ll be all right because, according to them, she’ll be “belofied”.

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