Why Alden promised Yaya Dub to protect her

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Kalyeserye on the search for Lola's house October 30 episode

The continuing search for the house of the Explorer sisters’ Lola was the theme of Kalyeserye on October 30th.

Yaya Dub’s wacky faces and her fansigns with Alden brought giggles and laughter to the studio audience and the Eat Bulaga panel. Lola Nidora and Tidora were also outstanding in their spontaneous dialogues, especially when they were reading from the old diary.

The fansign of the day came from Alden. He fansigned, “Maine, sana multo na lang ako. Para pwede kitang dalawin gab-gabi.” (I hope I am a ghost. So I can visit you nightly)

A girly-voiced Yaya Dub answered,”Ikaw naman e di mo naman kailangan maging multo e, ano ba? kainis to” (Hey, you don’t need to be a ghost, really.)

Here are some highlights of the episode on October 30th.

Lola Nidora and a very frightened-looking Yaya Dub entered the scene. She mimed and dubsmashed to describe what scared her, when she was asked by Lola Nidora.

Alden Richards appeared on screen and suddenly, Yaya Dub’s fear was gone. She went from being afraid to being pabebe in a few seconds.

When Alden asked her about her dream, she described an old, scary woman who was calling her to a house.

Alden assured Yaya Dub not to get scared. He said, “Maine, wag ka nang matakot. Andito naman ako e.”(Don’t be scared. I”m just here.)

Answering in her small, girlish voice, Yaya Dub said, “Natakot lang naman ako talaga kagabi. Di ko naman sinasadya kasi yung sa panaginip ko,nakakatakot lang talaga siya” (I just got scared last night.I did not intend to, it’s just that she was just really scary.)

Lola Nidora commented that Yaya Dub made it difficult for them to guess her dream. But for Alden, Yaya Dub described it at once.

Yaya Dub confirmed that the picture shown by Lola Nidora was the same woman that was in her dream. The woman in the photo, according to Lola Nidora, is their grandmother.

Tidora then used Google and Waze to locate the house of their grandmother. She said it was just nearby.

Then Lola Nidora, Yaya Dub, and Tidora continued to read from the diary. They learned that to get the jewelry box, they have to fight “elements” in the house. They have to bring along some tools to combat them, or what is commonly known as “pangontra”.

The comments of Lola Nidora about the contents of the diary made the whole scene funnier. The freeze frame happened when Lola Nidora said, “ang pinakaimportante sa lahat, wag na wag kalimutan ang…” (and the most important thing of all, ).

The next episode promises a horror-filled adventure, in time for Halloween. Let’s see how the brilliant scriptwriters weave another chapter of Kalyeserye.

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