Why Yaya Dub didn’t brush her teeth

AlDub's lovable garbage look; fansigns are back

September 21, 2017 by Jessie Mendoza

The Kalyeserye episode on October 28th is one of the funniest ever! Yaya Dub, Alden Richards, and Lola Nidora were made down to the max.

There was hardly a dull moment in the continuing search for the Key to Forever. Yaya Dub hardly spoke a word but was in her best element, dubsmashing and

Lola Nidora and Yaya Dub came into the scene both looking like they came straight out of a garbage dump. Lola had dirt on her face and her hair needed combing. She was holding her diary tightly.

Yaya Dub looked messier than Lola. Aside from some sort of grease on her face, her hair is a mess. There was some sort of straw on her head and a piece of cracker was stuck on her hair. There’s also a piece of torn plastic bag on her neck.

Lola Tinidora even noticed that Yaya Dub had pieces of bread on a plastic cup hanging on her neck.

Lola Nidora explained that Yaya Dub dived into a garbage truck and so did she and Rihanna. They were searching for that elusive key but they didn’t find it.

Alden Richards appears on the scene, dubsmashing a song. He asks Yaya Dub to come near him on split screen and pretends to clean her face.

Then, the fansigns are back!

Yaya Dub fansigns that she hadn’t brushed her teeth. She opens her mouth and breathes on Alden, who kisses her just the same.

Asked how it smells, Alden says to the panel, it’s ok. But then, he looks a bit dazed, reacting to Yaya Dub’s breath.

Yaya Dub acts like she got hurt by Alden’s reaction and shrugs her shoulder, not wanting to be “touched” by Alden Richards.

She dubsmashes the song “Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal”.

Then, Alden fansigns “Kahit ano pang itsura mo, maganda ka pa rin.”(Whatever you look like, you still look beautiful.) He then kisses her on the cheeks.

Yaya bites the plastic bag around her neck and smiles. She fansigns, “Kahit di ako maligo ng isang linggo, papansinin mo pa din ako?” (If I don’t bathe for a week, will you still look at me?)

Alden responded with, “Kahit hindi ka mag-toothbrush, ikikiss pa rin kita.” (Even if you don’t brush your teeth, I will still kiss you.)

Yaya reacts by eating the plastic bag around her neck, which makes the EB panel, the lolas, and the studio audience laugh.

Alden kisses her while she dubsmashes and opens her mouth widely. He acts a bit dizzy but he was smiling at the same time.

Then Lola Nidora asks Alden to help them find the key, just in case the flower pots were dumped near the studio. He goes down from the studio to start looking for the key.

Next scene is one of the high points of the episode.

Lola Nidora and Yaya Dub were shown sitting near a lamp post on the sidewalk. Each one with a trash bag in front of them. Yaya Dub is eating pancit from a plastic with her bare hands, while loLa Nidora is eating some bread. That shot of them would be a classic!

Then Alden comes back up to the studio, bringing a flower pot with him and looking worse than Yaya Dub and Lola Nidora! There are parts of trash bag sticking all over his body all sorts of things hanging from his neck. His face is dirty and he grew a beard!

Yaya Dub fansigned, “Bagay na tayo”.

They feed each other sweetly. Yaya Dub gives him bread. Alden gets a piece of biko (sweet cake) strung around his neck and gives some to Yaya Dub.

Alden asks Yaya Dub, “Maine, kahit ganito ba ko kadumi, ikikiss mo pa rin ako?”.( Even if I’m this dirty, will you still kiss me?)

Yaya Dub talks this time and tells him “Oo naman.” Then they kiss again.

At this point, Lola Nidora asked Yaya Dub and Alden Richards if they still respect her even if she looks like trash. She kind of scolded them for kissing so many times in front of her.

Alden said sorry and kissed Lola Nidora on the forehead.

Then Lola Nidora goes back to describing the house where they have to get the jewelry box. The Explorer sisters remember that it’s their grandmother’s house that was described in the diary.

Alden then pulled out a key from the flower pot he found, and Lola Nidora confirmed it as the lost key to forever.

Everybody danced happily that the key has been found. Suddenly, Lola Nidora said that their problem now is that they do not know where their grandmother’s house is located. That’s when the freeze-frame happened.

The episode had a lot of side comments and punchlines from Lola Nidora, which left the studio audience and even Tinidora and Tidora laughing.

Looking like trash, Yaya Dub and Lola Nidora shone and stood out with their comedic performances.

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