Why Yaya Dub is Philippines’ newest, effective endorser

Why Yaya Dub is Philippines' newest, effective endorser

September 30, 2018 by Jessie Mendoza

Yaya Dub is an advertiser’s dream come true.

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Her endorsements are so effective and lead to an immediate spike in sales.

Take the case of cellphone maker, O+ USA.

The company announced on Instagram and Facebook on October 9th that O+ Ultra, the phone endorsed by Yaya Dub, is now out-of-stock.

That means stocks flew out of the shelves less than two weeks after the O+ TVC launch.

The O+ TV Commercial featured Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub), stuck in traffic with Wally Bayola’s character, Lola Nidora. It launched on September 26th on Kalyeserye.

McDonald’s, with one of its products (Chicken Fillet a la king) endorsed by Yaya Dub and Alden Richards, experienced a whopping 470% increase in sales.

According to Margot Torres, SVP for Marketing and Communications of McDonald’s Philippines, the growth figure was achieved 3 weeks after they launched the product and what they called the “AlDub” campaign.

As for the other products wherein Yaya Dub is the endorser like 555 Sardines and Talk N’ Txt (with Alden Richards), figures are not in yet.

But judging from the response of AlDub fans and supporters of Yaya Dub on social media, we are pretty sure their product sales have also increased dramatically.


What’s surprising is that even products that are used, but not even endorsed (yet) by Yaya Dub have also seen a sudden increase in demand.

Popular blogger Chuvaness said in an article that Yaya Dub was the reason why MAC Lipstick’s Ruby Woo is sold out in most of MAC’s 14 branches. The lipstick was mentioned by make-up artist Krist Bansuelo as the lipstick used on Yaya Dub for a make-up session.

Sales people of MAC say that women would ask for “Yaya Dub’s lipstick” when they come into the store.

We believe that it isn’t only her popularity nor effectiveness as an endorser that makes advertisers woo Yaya Dub.

Her talent in dubsmashing and mimicry is appropriate for TV commercials. All she has to do is dubsmash songs and dialogues and use her now-famous facial expressions.

By doing so, she gets the message across to every segment of society, to every socioeconomic class from A to E. Hey, even toddlers get Yaya Dub’s message!

Needless to say, Yaya Dub’s career as a product endorser has only just begun. Expect more in the months (or years) to come.

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