Yaya Dub & Alden have finally found the One

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Yaya Dub and Alden have finally found the One

Alden Richards went straight to the point when he asked two questions to Yaya Dub on October 28th.

After Lola Nidora read some excerpts from the diary, Alden asked Yaya: “Maine, sabi ni Lola, swerte ka daw sa pag-ibig. Ako na kaya yun?”.

Yaya Dub answers him with a dubsmash with the lyrics, “Ako’y kinikilig, pag ika’y lumalapit, ako’y nanginginig.”

Alden Richards follows up with another question, “Sabi ni Lola, matatagpuan mo na daw yung hinahanap mo. Natagpuan mo na ba?” (Lola said you’re going to find the one you’re looking for. Have you found “the one”?)

Yaya Dub threw back the question at him and also asked him if he found “the one”.

Alden said, “Ako unang nagtanong, eh!”

Then in a voice trying to be cute and childlike at the same time, Yaya Dub said, “E ikaw munang sumagot, ako babae! Ikaw, natagpuan mo na ba? (But you should be the first one to answer since I’m the girl! Have you found the one?)

Someone in the panel said that they should answer at the same time.

Alden went ahead and said “Ako, natagpuan ko na. Ikaw? (Me, I have found the one. You?)

For a few seconds, Yaya Dub was just smiling, weighing her words. Allan K had to ask her what her answer was.

Imitating the tone of Gasgas Abelgas in his TOCO report, Yaya answered, “Opo, natagpuan ko na din.” (Yes, I also found the one.)

Well, the audience went wild after they gave their answers. Both Alden RIchards and Yaya Dub danced to the tune of Fantastic Baby.

Lola Nidora asked Yaya Dub, “E halimbawa, hingin na ni Alden matamis mong oo, Paano?”

Yaya Dub answered that he should court her first. “Manligaw po muna sya. Di lahat ng bagay nakukuha sa madalian, ” she said.

Lola Nidora liked her answer and remarked that she is glad that Yaya Dub remembers the lessons that she had taught her.

The verbal exchange between AlDub was the high point of the episode.

Other highlights of the show were mostly about the predictions in the diary.

Lola Nidora found out that a key was hidden in one of the flower pots at the mansion. The key is for the house where they will have to go and get a jewelry box. If they fail to do so, the “forever” of Yaya Dub and Alden Richards will not happen.

The problem is, Lola Nidora called Rihanna earlier to throw all the flower pots to the trash. She called up Rihanna again to disregard her earlier instruction, but it was already too late. The garbage truck has left with all the flower pots.

As Lola Nidora ordered Rihanna to run after the truck, the freeze-frame happened.

The “Key to Forever” (as they now call it) is missing. Will they find it soon?

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