Yaya Dub had facial at Belo clinic, billboard to follow

Yaya Dub had facial at Belo clinic, billboard to follow?

Earlier, Vicki Belo posted on Instagram, a picture of Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza filling up a form in her Morato clinic.

She captioned the picture with:

@mainedcm [Maine Mendoza] at #belo Morato to have a hydra facial to brighten her skin. It’s a good thing that @aldenrichards02 [Alden Richards] did not have an appointment on the same day.

— Vicki Belo 19 Oct 2015


After that, Belo shared another picture of Yaya Dub with this caption:

I love @mainedcm’s [Maine Mendoza] smile. Her skin looks brighter already. Good luck on your show Tamang Panahon this Saturday with @aldenrichards02 [Alden Richards]. hope to see you all there. #AldubRoadToForever

— Vicki Belo 20 Oct 2015


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Photo credit: Vicki Belo

Just like what Belo said, Yaya Dub went to her clinic for a hydra facial. The treatment brightens the skin.

Because Yaya Dub is so popular today, whatever she endorses, the fans follow.

According to comments from fans, since Yaya Dub prefers Belo, even if they hadn’t gone to Belo before, they will now.

Not only McDonald’s, Talk N Text, OPlus, Bear Brand, 555 Sardines and Zonrox and expected to have an increase in sales, but maybe Belo as well.

It’s Yaya Dub’s first time to be publicly seen at Belo clinic, but her fans are requesting that she becomes a Belo baby. They’re saying they want a billboard.

Why not? If Yaya Dub’s fans want it, it may just happen.

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