Yaya Dub’s 1st real kiss, nose-to-nose, but not with Alden

Yaya Dub's first real kiss, nose-to-nose, but not with Alden.

Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub posted her first real nose to nose, combined with a kiss as a celebrity on Instagram. Nope, it’s not with Alden Richards but with the super-cute Baeby Baste.

The Instagram post shows a video of Yaya Dub having a nose-to-nose with Baste and then kissing him. Baste couldn’t help but giggle after he was kissed.

Baste has beaten Alden Richards hands down this week.

While Alden Richards was busy with his provincial commitments and Japan trip, Baeby Baste is covering up for him and winning Yaya Dub’s heart. Fans are calling the latest team up as BasDub.

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Baste welcomed Yaya Dub to Broadway Centrum on October 10th with a doodle fansign. He also gave her a kiss off-cam, to wish her good luck for her performance on Dabarkads pa More.

Later on, Baste lovingly fed Yaya Dub with a piece of chocolate.

Memes are all over the internet showing Alden Richards in a jealous fit over Baste’s closeness to Yaya Dub.

AlDub fans are joking Alden Richards to #JapanpaMore while Baste is enjoying Yaya Dub’s company.

Watch Yaya Dub & Baeby Baste’s first kiss here: instagram.com

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