Yaya Dub’s cutest pabebe moves and fansigns

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October 21 Kalyeserye Highlights with Yaya Dub at her cutest and naughtiest

Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza was at her cutest on October 21, when she displayed old and new pabebe moves. Her fansigns for the day also generated tremendous response from the audience.

At first, it seemed like Yaya Dub was absent for the day as the Lolas just kept talking about her.

Alden fansigned “Miss ko na po si Maine” to Lola Nidora. She told him Yaya Dub went to church.

After a few minutes,Yaya Dub enters the scene, dancing excitedly to “Fantastic Baby”.

Yaya Dub and Alden Richards started fansigning each other and dubsmashing love songs as before.

The best of the fansign exchange was when Yaya wrote : ” Alam mo may narealize ako”.

Alden asked, “Ano?”

Yaya Dub covered her face with the fansign: “Nakakamiss ka pala”. Then, she sang “Bakit di na lang, totohanin ang lahat…”, all the while smiling and giggling.

Alden answered back with “Narealize ko din yan! Matagal na!”

That exchange brought the house down. Fans in the studio were seen pushing each other, covering their mouths with their hands, and one girl was shown pulling her friend’s hair. They just couldn’t contain the “kilig” that they felt at that moment.

When Alden dubsmashed “Minsan lang kita iibigin, minsan lang kita mamahalin”, Yaya Dub immediately fansigned, “Dalasan mo”. This made Alden Richards laugh and also the EB panel.

Alden answered with ” Lagi naman!” Yaya Dub reacted by tucking her hair behind her ears, a pabebe move also very much identified with her.

Lola Nidora said she also realized something. Whenever she sees the two, she said, “kinikilig din pala ako”.

Then, upon Lola Nidora’s request, Yaya Dub and Alden dubsmashed together.

They dubmashed the Malaysian Padan Muka kau, a rap , then Pabebe girls.

When they were dubsmashing Pabebe girls, Yaya Dub made that hair tucking move. She stuck out her tongue ala Lola Nidora style to Alden, and stole a kiss from him. Alden didn’t notice it, but the EB panel did and said, “Oy!Oy! Si Yaya o!”.

The studio audience also caught Yaya Dub’s teasing and and they were shouting delightedly. Yaya Dub stopped and acted like a naughty kid who was caught doing something wrong.

During Part 2 of the Pabebe girl dubsmash, it was Alden who suddenly kissed Yaya Dub. Tinidora said the kiss landed on Yaya Dub’s neck.

While the lolas were talking, the two looked at each other on split screen, raising their eyebrows at each other almost simultaneously.

One wonders, are they really on separate screens in two different locations? They were so much in sync with each other’s moves!

When they did the Give Me one tongue dubsmash, Yaya Dub again did her version of pabebe tongue directed at Alden. Then she shakes her head slightly, a pabebe move quite unfamiliar to us. Joey de Leon said,” Oy mga lola, si Yaya o!”. Tito Sotto commented, “Si Yaya, dumidisenteng di mo maintindihan.”

Lola Nidora herself noticed Yaya Dub’s new pabebe moves when she and Alden repeated the dubsmash and said,” Pabebe ka naman Yaya!”

Throughout the whole show, Lola Nidora was holding a blue folder, she said it was her surprise for Team Bahay. That means, her surprise is for those who cannot come to the Philippine Arena and would watch “Sa Tamang Panahon” on their tv sets at home.

Lola Nidora also said she also has an additional surprise for the Team Abroad, or the Dabarkads who are in foreign countries.

All of these she will announce during the event “Sa Tamang Panahon”.

The episode ended when a riding-in-tandem tried to snatch the blue folder from Lola Nidora. The lolas ran after them because they were the ones who stole the diary. But they got away, and left the Lolas in running poses at the freeze-frame.

Despite the freeze-frame and the Gasgas TOCO report, Yaya Dub kept on waving at Alden Richards. He was also interacting with her on the other half of the screen. At the closing, they kept on kissing each other on split screen.

The two just couldn’t stop, could they? They can’t even keep still during the freeze-frame!

AlDub fans better prepare themselves. They just might not be able to handle what the AlDub love team has prepared for them on Saturday, October 24.

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