Alden caught holding Yaya Dub’s finger behind camera

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Alden caught holding Yaya Dub's finger behind camera.

A lot has changed between Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza and Alden Richards just after their Sa Tamang Panahon show on October 24th.

There were too many obstacles they had to get through before they could get near each other. But now, forget about the hardships they went through.

Just like what Lola Nidora said, after Sa Tamang Panahon show at Philippine Arena, she won’t try to meddle on the relationship of Yaya Dub and Alden.

Since this is a new chapter for the AlDub love team, let’s remain calm and don’t get crazy now that they’re getting too close to each other every day.

They’ve hugged for real already. Alden knelt down in front of Yaya Dub for the first time. He gave Yaya Dub’s shoe which she left at the Eat Bulaga Broadway. And finally, they held hands for real, for the first time.

What’s next???

Not that much. They only “pinky sweared” like forever. Behind the camera. Yup, off-cam! No script whatsoever. This happened on Kalyeserye, off-cam, on their 15th weeksary on October 29th.

Alden surprised Yaya Dub by visiting her in the Barangay.

Take a look at this video and see the phenomenal spark between the two. Here:

Alden in white polo shirt, holding Yaya Dub’s little finger (pinky) as if he doesn’t want to let go of it.

Yaya Dub being naturally shy, just wants to get her pinky back because she doesn’t know how to handle that kilig moment she’s feeling. LOL

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Behind the scenes kalyeserye ALDUB 15th Weeksary

We don’t really know what’s going on in Yaya Dub’s mysterious mind. But since she keeps looking at Alden’s eyes while talking to him, it’s safe to say that she totally enjoys that moment with Alden.

Alden just calmly talks to Yaya Dub, not staring at her that much. Good move! That way, Yaya Dub won’t feel so intimidated and pressured to live up to Alden’s expectations.

He lets Yaya Dub be herself. Well, Alden successfully did that, but taking custody of Yaya Dub’s finger only showed that time wasn’t enough for Alden to know Yaya Dub better.

But some AlDub fans have only one wish for Alden, that he won’t make Yaya Dub fall for him for real if there really isn’t a chance that they’ll be together one day.

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