Alden meets Tiya Bebeng, Yaya Dub asks shocking question

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Alden Richards meets Tiya Bebeng, Yaya Dub asks shocking question

The arrival of Tiya Bebeng on the scene changed the behavior of the Kalyeserye cast, including Yaya Dub. They had noticeably lighter make-up, longer dresses, and they all acted modestly. Even Yaya Dub’s actions whenever she dubsmashed were toned down.

Who acted as Tiya Bebeng? Everyone was surprised when the legendary Gloria Romero took on the role of the strict and traditional Tita of Lola Nidora, Tidora and Tinidora. The studio audience and the Eat Bulaga panel reacted with awe and respect at her appearance.

The highlight of the show was when Tiya Bebeng asked Alden a series of questions that normal parents would ask of a suitor. But AlDub fans were also floored by Yaya Dub’s “innocent” but shocking question about living in with Alden. Yaya Dub delivered a perfectly-timed punchline, while all of the others were choosing their words carefully with Tiya Bebeng.

So, how was the 16th weeksary of AlDub celebrated? Read on if you want to know all the important details.

Tiya Bebeng asked why she wasn’t invited to the big event at the bungalow. She was referring, of course, to the charity concert “Sa Tamang Panahon”. Lola Nidora reasoned that her phone was hacked and her diary was gone. Trying to get close to Tiya Bebeng ,Tinidora always contradicted Lola Nidora.

When Tiya Bebeng asked whether it’s true that Yaya Dub has a suitor, Lola Nidora and Tidora tried to deny it. Yaya Dub also tried to hide the truth, because she was obviously scared of Tiya Bebeng’s reaction. Tinidora, however, whispered to Tiya Bebeng that Yaya Dub indeed has a suitor. Tiya Bebeng then scolded Lola Nidora about the courtship.

Lola Nidora defended her permission to allow Yaya Dub to have a suitor. She said she is constantly reminding them of the proper and traditional way of courting and gave them permission only for “Tamang Panahon”. Nobody has given the sweet “Oo” (Yes) to anyone yet.

Tiya Bebeng then quizzed Yaya Dub about her “suitor”. Yaya Dub said his name is “Alden Richards”.

Then, Alden came into the scene, singing God Gave Me You while holding a bunch of flowers and a heart-shaped sign with the word “AlDub” written on it. He was met outside the house by Lola Nidora, Tidora and Tinidora who warned him how strict Tiya Bebeng is.

When Alden gave his respect to Tiya Bebeng, Tya Bebeng asked why Alden is serenading Yaya Dub at noon. Is that the fad?

Alden on the other hand, cannot be stopped from giving Yaya Dub his message. He said “AlDub is the best because it is Maiden in heaven”.

Tiya Bebeng also asked why Alden gave Yaya Dub a lot of roses. Alden said it is for their monthsary.

When Tiya Bebeng learned that Alden is an actor, she said that he probably has a lot of fans and may be courting a lot of others. Alden replied, “Wala po, isa lang po, loyal po ako.” (No, i am only courting one. I’m loyal)

Then Tiya Bebeng tells Yaya Dub, “lolokohin ka lang niyan, sigurado”. (He will just fool you. That’s for sure.)

Like most elders in the country, Tiya Bebeng asked Alden “Kaya mo ba siyang buhayin kung saka-sakaling magpakasal kayong dalawa? May balak ka bang pakasalan siya?” (Can you provide for her in case you two get married. Do you have any plan to marry her?)

Yaya Dub was wearing a big smile on her face when Tiya Bebeng asked the question.

Alden answered, “Kayang-kaya po.” (I can do that.). Yaya Dub said in the background, “Sabi mo yan, ha?” (You said that.)

Tiya Bebeng followed up with another question, “Ikaw ba kaya mong magluto, maglaba, maglampaso?” (Can you cook, do laundry, scrub the floor?) The ever alert Alden said, “Opo. Kaya ko po lahat. Kaya ko pong ipagluto si Yaya. Lahat po, hindi ko po hahayaang magutom” (Yes, I can do everything, ma’am. I can cook for Yaya. Everything, I will not allow her to get hungry.)

Lola Nidora went back to Tiya Bebeng’s question and explained to her what the weeksary means. That it is the 16th week that Alden has been courting Yaya Dub. Tiya Bebeng said that 16 weeks is such a short period. During her time , courtship can last from 12 to 15 years. She added that they are not even allowed to hold hands, unless they are married.

But Alden wasn’t discouraged at all. He said that Tiya Bebeng shouldn’t worry because he is willing to wait. Tiya Bebeng didn’t believe him considering he is so handsome and that he is most likely a playboy.

Lola Nidora defended Alden, saying that she had tried Alden and he had proven that he has good intentions for Yaya Dub.

Tinidora commented, “Hindi mo makakasama ang isang lalaki, hangga’t di mo nakakasama sa isang bubong” (You cannot know a guy well, unless you live under one roof). Tiya Bebeng agreed.

Then, Yaya Dub asked the question and punchline of the day, “Dapat po ba, magsama na kami?” (Does it mean, we should live together, then?) The audience and the Eat Bulaga panel laughed loudly at Yaya Dub’s question.

She was scolded by Lola Nidora for interrupting the Lolas when they were talking. Yaya Dub said sorry.

Lola Nidora instructed Alden to give his message and promise to Tiya Bebeng. He then promised to Tiya Bebeng that he is willing to wait and do everything to be deserving of Yaya Dub because his intentions for her are good. Tiya Bebeng said that she hopes that promise will be fulfilled.

Again Tiya Bebeng asked about the meaning of weeksary. Then Alden said it is celebrated weekly because Yaya Dub is so special. He said if it’s possible it should be everyday, or daysary. Yaya Dub counters with “hoursary” for every hour. Alden says, “Gusto mo minutesary?” (You want minutesary?). Yaya then said, “secondsary”.

Tiya Bebeng then reminds them that their dialogue is getting out of hand. So, Yaya Dub and Alden again apologized to Tiya Bebeng.

Alden asked permission for Yaya Dub and him to join “Gaya Gaya Pa More” on Saturday at Broadway. He kneels on both knees to plead for Tiya Bebeng’s permission so that he could see Yaya Dub on Saturday.

When Yaya Dub butts in and says that it’s for the Dabarkads anyway, Tiya Bebeng asked her straight, “In love ka ba? In love ka no?”(Are you in love? You’re in love, right?) Yaya Dub replied “Wala naman pong ganyanan” (Please don’t do that to me. )

Tiya Bebeng assured Yaya Dub that there will be more men who will come into her life, aside from the handsome Alden.

Tidora assured Tiya Bebeng that Alden is kind and a good man. Tiya Bebeng finally granted her permission so Alden and Yaya Dub can join “Gaya Gaya pa More” on Saturday.

Before the episode ended, Tiya Bebeng joined in the “pabebe” dubsmash with all the members of Kalyeserye. She was such an elegant Pabebe girl.

Until the end, Tiya Bebeng was in character as she got in between Yaya Dub and Alden when they were dubsmashing “God Gave Me You”. She said, they were getting too close.

It was such a nice weeksary to have as guest, one of the most respected actresses in showbiz. The 16th weeksary wil probably be remembered for the guesting of Gloria Romero, more than what AlDub or the lolas did on the episode.

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